How to Obtain Badges and Runes in Revelation Online

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In Revelation Online, there are several ways to obtain badges, most of which are weekly limited. Badges provide players with amazing stat increases. Players can find the badge slot located next to talisman slot in the character window.


Players can buy a Level 1 Badge Gift per week as well as Badge Fragments at Borfen Zur and Borfen Non. When reaching the end of a story quest, players will also receive a level 2 badge. If players get an undesirable badge for their class via the story mode, they can salvage the level 2 badge and receive 9 badge fragments to craft another one themselves.


How about Runes? Runes are additional effects for badges over level 4. There are three types of runes.

Normal: obtained through Normal Rune Boxes (purchased from NPCs or synthesized using 30 Normal Rune Fragments).

Advanced: obtained through Advanced Rune Boxes (chance of being obtained from synthesizing 30 Normal Rune Fragments or by synthesizing 30 Advanced Rune Fragments).

Ultimate: obtained through Ultimate Rune Boxes (by combining 99 Ultimate Rune Fragments).


Players can buy Normal Rune Boxes at Borfen Zur as well as Borfen Non.

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