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The team behind the hybrid survival game Rend recently talks about all the environments that players will see in Rend. Environments play a huge role in Rend, whether it’s the temperature, or the flora and fauna that you have to farm to increase in power. Go and explore the secret world below:


The Valley is the starting area. Every faction will have a Divinity Stone at the back (away from the World Tree) of the valley. Around this stone, they will need to build up their base to protect it from the Lost Ones and other players. In addition, the base will be protected by an impenetrable shield until the Reckoning. The Reckoning is a pre-scheduled event where the shields drop and all hell breaks loose.


This elk is not sure what to do with me

The Valley is a relatively safe place to be. Close to the base there are very few boars that will attack you for taking their berries, choosing instead to run from your terrifying visage. Small trees and harvestable rocks paint the landscape so gatherers will always have something to harvest. A player could live happily ever after in the back part of the Valley, if the Reckoning never happened. However, the further you get away from your Divinity Stone, the more dangerous the environment becomes. Traveling to the local watering hole is generally a safe bet, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you should probably be well equipped and bring a few friends. Spiders scuttle among the trees, wolves prowl the hills, and beautiful but mysterious elk look down their regal noses at all the other creatures in the Valley. Plus, if you’re going to climb the hills to explore, be sure to bring something warm.

Resources in the Valley are mirrored between all three faction valleys with the exception of the reagents for Bronze. Bronze requires equal parts copper (found in the Order’s Valley), tin (found in the Conclave’s Valley), and Flux (found in the Revenant’s valley). To gain Bronze, the factions will have to get it from their opponents, by hook or by crook.

Travel around the Valley is simple. The first thing to note is that there are teleporters up in the hills. Teleporters that take you to opposing factions valleys. You might have to fight a few creatures along the way, but you will eventually make it into the opponent’s valley where all sorts of adventures await. Heading towards the tree will bring you to the Center via a land bridge and you’re in your first truly contested zone.



The Center at Night. The tree roots in the back are a sight to behold

Golden and majestic, the Center is truly a wonder to behold. Home to mysterious crystal and giant bipedal creatures, this environment serves as the first chance to contest resources between the three factions. Towering over the Center is the World Tree, reaching out and clutching the land with its enormous clawlike roots. Giant holes pocket the landscape, so be careful you don’t fall in. Bodies disappear forever after falling into the pits.
Resources are scarce and valuable. Every thing found here will help the Faction in some way, so gatherers better start harvesting. But, they shouldn’t go alone, who knows what fauna is lurking around the corn
er, waiting to strike. Opponents might also take the opportunity to strike and steal some of those valuable resources off your corpse. Be prepared! And, to make matters worse, sometimes the Creator grants Spirits in the Center to watch the Factions battle over the right to take that Spirit home for a valuable boon.

If you keep traveling underneath the World Tree, you’ll come across a mysterious portal, similar to the ones found in the Valley, but this one glows white. Of course, you have to explore inside.


Bright white light sears your eyes as you walk into the door. Peering out, you can’t see past the edge of the light. To explore this darkness, you better have brought your torch, or modded your weapon with a flashlight. As soon as you step into the dark, you can see just how perfect a place it is to ambush. If you turn on your light, other players can see you, if you don’t turn on your light, you can’t see anything. It’s a lose/lose situation,

The magma wing in the cave! Not pictured, me burning up because I don’t have any heat resist gear

so you should probably bring a Mystic with their spectral light ability. Off in the distance you can hear the scuttling of spiders and smell the sulfur emanating from the lava. If the spiders don’t kill you, the heat will. So you better find some heat resistant gear or potions.

Maybe you find your way down into the old mines, looking for silver and iron as you go. You might come around a corner and hear the roar of a bear as he punts you with a swipe of his big paw. You still can barely see anything in this light, and these creatures are terrifying. You hear scurrying in the darkness and channel your inner Indie… Rats…. why did it have to be rats…

The deeper you go the colder it becomes. What kind of place is this that the closer you get to the center of the earth, the colder it gets. Having a lava spider around right about now wouldn’t be a bad idea. Shrieks can be heard in the distance, but surely that’s just the wind whistling around the rocks. “Where does the wind come from down here?” Your brain asks. “Quiet you!” You reply, knowing that it’s right and it’s just made the situation worse, plus the shrieks get louder the further down you go! Lost Ones greet you as you come around a bend, this could be the end of your group.

Eternal Wastes

If you make it through the caves past the lost ones, a beautiful portal lies in front of you beaming in the blackness like some sort of alien eye. The coldness of death pours out of it and your bones seem to freeze inside of you. Equipping your fur armor and gathering your group together seems to be the only way to survive going through it, but you know there has to be great treasures in there.

A blizzard prevents you from seeing any further than 15 feet. Shriekers seem to just appear in front of you bearing down on your group. You’re slowly freezing to death, but you hope it’s worth it. Legends tell of priceless artifacts found in this hellscape, and you’ll need them to overcome your enemies and ascent to the Creator as victors.

As usual, you can find us hanging out in the fan run Discord, the Steam discussion forums, or on our Social Media pages. We can’t wait to get all of you in game exploring these places!

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