Will You Enter Revelation Online's Grand Bulwark?

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The Grand Bulwark is a dungeon in Revelation Online. It is a place born through bloody warfare between two bitter rival factions that have been at each other's throats for a long time.

For centuries, the Northern Wolves Tribe have been locked in an endless struggle against the human capital of Nuanor, murdering and pillaging their way across the enemy border with the hope of disrupting and demoralizing them. With no end in sight and both sides becoming wearier, the current Northern Wolves Tribe King has become committed to re-establishing peace.


However, not all of the tribe share the King's vision for the future. Some rogue Wolves formed a militant group, managing to slip through the border under guise and build their own fortress within the border as a foothold to be used in their future plans of attack. Their plot for revenge begins to brew, risking all hope of peace.


This is where players come into play. There's a 5-Man Dungeon mode, 5-Man Slaughter mode (for a different perspective), and a Expert Mode (10-Man raid). Players can choose whichever mode they like to bring peace for both sides.

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