Revelation Online Has Got a Raccoon Race

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The Volopine make their home in Emollion, but its people can be found all across Nuanor serving as supporting characters for the main story, quest givers, vendors for all kinds of goods, and even as slayable NPCs for experience.


The Volopine are a friendly race and live in harmony with the other races of Nuanor. They love to play games, drink, eat, and just want to have a good time, avoiding conflict whenever and wherever possible.


The Volopine are their own faction in Revelation Online. In order to gain favor with the Volopine, players will be required to assist them with requests on the taskboard in Emollion. These tasks involve resolving any issues the residents may have and helping them get ready for their daily festival. Once players reach high enough favor with the Volopine, they will be able to buy many valuables from Sunny Foxtail, including cooking materials, the pumpkin head ornament, and the wine jar/gourds cosmetic item.

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