Dark and Light Dev Interview

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The Dark and Light team has published an interview on its website elaborating on the game's world-building.

According to the interview, the first playable area of Dark and Light is called The Sacred Path - a sprawling landscape comprised of over 20 unique areas, including dense forests, cities, flying islands, a mysterious shipwreck, and more. There're dungeon-like complex cave structures hidden across The Sacred Path. Each cave contains unique, powerful creatures and rare, valuable resources for players to plunder. There are 10 of these structures scattered throughout The Sacred Path.


As for players' comments that the game's map may be too large, the developer's reply is that players will have enough space to construct their own thing, be it a small house or an entire city. Once a player has explored and leveled up a bit, they can also build portals to different areas of the map, giving them easy access to resources rich in various resources. Every player on a server should have the space to explore and develop their own skills without crowding each other, while still coming across one another very frequently while exploring or gathering resources.


Details of the interview can be found on its site.

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