Revelation Online Collector Packs Now Available

by: hearst Date: Apr 04 2017 Views: has released the new Collector Packs for Revelation Online which will give players the perfect way to gain stylish outfits and accessories, rare wings, an exclusive mount and several months of premium bonus at a whopping discount.


According to the description on the official site, the Inventor Pack grants players the coveted Inventor title, a stylish outfit, a gorgeous head accessory and 30 days of Premium Service. The Wild Wind Pack contains the graceful Silvermoon Wings, the Wildwind Outfit, a graceful majestic Moondrinker Deer mount and 60 days of Premium Scrolls. And the Deluxe Collector Pack gives players access to receive everything from the Inventor & Wild Wind Packs at a discounted price. Will you spend money on these packs?


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