Revelation Online Fashion Outfits Collection

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What's the your favorite feature in Revelation Online? I think the gorgeous graphic and delicate character cutomization should be one of your favorites. As the game enters its Open Beta at the beginning of this month, more and more players are crazy about this beautiful fantasy MMORPG. So today let me introduce you guys the splendid fashion outfits of Revelation Online CN server, which one is your favorite? And guess how many of them will show up in the following expansions?

Chinese Valentine's Day & Snowy Christmas & Cloud Ocean

Bride of Magpies & Icy Stars & Burning Fire

Dark and Light & Flying Wings & Cloud and Fog & Golden Mistake

Fresh Fashion & Whale RomanceChinese Valentine's Day

Shining Wave & Heaven Sound & Seduction

Jade Leave & Old Age & School Uniform


Red Plum Blossom


Huihai Fashion


Master Costume



You can also check out for the cash shop costume set videos and guide on fashion dyes.
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