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Revelation offers six unique classes that play distinct roles in the game's trinity system. Vanguards and Blademasters are close range, Swordmage, Occultist, Spiritshaper, and Gunslinger are long range. This guide will give a close look into each class to help with deciding which to play. Choose your role wisely!




The vanguard has the most defense and aggro skills in its arsenal. It is tasked with charging opponents head on and attacking with spear thrusts to hold their attention. Its special stance bulks up its shield, increasing defense and aggro generation. The vanguard class also has a multitude of crowd control skills to keep enemies away from its teammates. Its offensive capabilities are generally less, but can pack a wallop under the right circumstances.

It is equipped with a shield, a divine spear, and plate armor.

PVP Difficulty: ★★

PVE Difficulty: ★★★★★



The blademaster is geared with skills to lock down targets for long periods of time and do burst damage. Its special stance equips a greatsword that gives a boost in defenses and aggro generation. This stance along with its mobility and mid-range attack skills makes it the perfect off-tank to kite bosses around for a long time. This class is agile not only in PVE, but also PVP. They are known for ferociously preying on support classes.

It is equipped with dual swords, a greatsword, and plate armor.

PVP Difficulty: ★★★

PVE Difficulty: ★★★★



The gunslinger has the longest range in all of Nuanor. Its attacks are aimed for destroying single targets from afar, but is also equipped with some skills for attacking multiple enemies. It calls upon its mechanical creations for aid in the battlefield. While it benefits a lot from long range, this class is very vulnerable in close combat due to its limited mobility and crowd control breaks. It also has very limited crowd control capabilities. Its special stance allows it to equip a sniper rifle increasing its damage.

It is equipped with pistols, a rifle, traps, robot minions and leather armor.

PVP Difficulty: ★★★

PVE Difficulty: ★★



The swordmage uses divine powers to control the elements of fire, thunder, and ice. Its attacks are vibrant and affect many enemies over large areas. There are three stances that change skills to the corresponding elements. Fire skills deal great immediate damage. Thunder skills do even greater damage over time, but are not as effective as fire against mobile enemies. Ice skills have slow and freeze properties. Like the gunslinger, it suffers from low physical defense, but it has lots of mobility and survival skills making it one of Nuanor’s best escape artists.

It is equipped with a magical blade, a rune orb and cloth armor.

PVP Difficulty: ★★★★

PVE Difficulty: ★★★



The occultist can be a hidden gem in a party composition because of its ability to switch between attacking and healing. There is not much variety in its attacks, but its versatility with attacking and healing makes it a jack of all trades. It is well known for its supportive capabilities, notably the buffs that increase its allies’ attacks and defenses, as well as its cures and protective magic barriers. It is often a very valuable asset in PVE and has good survivability in PVP. The occultist’s versatility comes with a price since under most circumstances, it cannot take on the role of main healer and its damage pales in comparison to other DPS classes.

It is equipped with a scythe, horcrux and leather armor.

PVP Difficulty: ★★★★

PVE Difficulty: ★★★



The spiritshaper uses nature’s plant spirits to heal and uses spirit beasts to deal damage. Its repertoire of skills focuses on massive healing for both wide areas and for single targets, as well as buffing and curing teammates. Its heals are irreplaceable making it an essential player in almost all parties and raids. This class can also turn into a fox beast to escape dire situations. Spiritshaper has one of the highest survivability and magic defense in the game. While this class is crucial in almost every scenario, it relies heavily on its teammates since its damage output is low.

It is equipped with a spirit bell, a familiar, and cloth armor.

PVP Difficulty: ★★★

PVE Difficulty: ★★★

Now it is your time to join Revelation Online! Head for the official website to play the game!

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