The Unique Day/Night Cycle in Age of Wushu 2

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The day/night cycle of Age of Wushu 2 works just as in real life. In the daytime, the temperature is higher and players will be thirsty. Thus to avoid the loss of HP and stamina, drinking water becomes an important job. However, at night, the temperature becomes lower. The cold air will lead to the loss of HP, too. If players are performing activities or fighting against enemies, they have to take on more clothes or make a fire to keep warm.



Unlike in other MMOs, the night of Age of Wushu 2 can be pitch-dark. Players have to take a torch to light up the road. But there're also times when the moon is full and bright enough to make the road visible. Players will then need a black suit to turn "invisible" if they want to rob or attack other players. NPCs in the game will rest at night, but for those on patrol, they'll interfere if players plan to commit a burglary.


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