Guardian Tominia - Kirana of the Flame in Peria Chronicles

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Tominia, Kirana of the Flame belongs to Guardians. She was transformed from a flame by Akasha.

One day when Akasha was floundering in the agony of creation, a shooting star flew upon her and made a big spark crashing into her chest. All the frustrations and furies in Akasha were ignited. The flame shaped in itself and sprang up before Akasha. She picked it up, and said "You will become a burning fire and a gentle wind." And then the flame transformed into a lady with flames, and that's Tominia.


Tominia can summon powerful flames that take everything back to where it used to be with her hands, when the person she protects is in danger. The powerful flames are bright and burning hot which can cause everything to be destroyed. Tominia's special skills are recorded as the trick with the highest temperature and the most destructive power.

Peria Chronicles is a Korean anime-themed MMO. It was presented at G-star 2016 and there's only one released trailer currently.

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