VRCameraman: Use VR to Film like a cameraman in Unity

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Abyssal Arts and GSProductions announce the release of VRCameraman, a VR-based development tool for Unity that enables developers to enter game worlds to create and record camera shots like a real-world cameraman.


Designed around the idea that VR can benefit developers not making VR content, VRCameraman enables anyone with an HTC Vive to capture and rapidly iterate on camera angles, movement, and animation by giving them direct, physical control of the camera in 3D space in Unity. Users can hold the camera themselves to create true hand-held shots, as well as set up waypoints for the camera to move between to create dolly, crane, and other complex camera movements.

The tool is a perfect fit for cut-scenes, trailers, and creating custom cameras. Using VR to set up and record camera data saves hours of work and is far more natural and intuitive than fiddling with 3D positioning on a 2D monitor. The familiarity of physically filming in a 3D space also makes collaboration with specialists like cinematographers a simple affair, as, once the VR headset is on, it's the same process (but with a much lighter device).

All output from VRCameraman is in the form of native Unity animation files, so every shot built with VRCameraman can be adjusted with Unity's built-in tools or any other plugin compatible with Unity's native animation files. The tool is extremely easy to set up, and comes with a guided configuration tool that will handle basic setup automatically, and all capture data is stored separately from the animation data, so that users can safely regenerate a camera animation from the original data without having to worry about backing up animation files if they decide to adjust them.

VRCameraman is built for developers looking to improve the quality of their cinematic storytelling faster and easier than ever before using the power of VR.

Abyssal Arts Ltd. is the independent developer making City of the Shroud, and was founded by Keaton White, a former Capcom Japan veteran. Abyssal Arts specializes in creating and telling compelling stories in novel ways.

GSProductions Ltd. is run by Matt Gambell, the independent developer behind RPG Tycoon and director of multiple films, including the upcoming "Milk and Honey: The Movie."

VRCameraman is a tool to help bring our ability to tell stories to the next level.

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