Is VR Too Dangerous for MMORPGs?

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Virtual Reality, or VR, is said to be the next evolution in gaming. You see it made for games now, including big titles like Resident Evil 7. And you even see it used generally for TV commercials. Microsoft, Sony, and more are getting behind it. Yet, there are drawbacks and limitations, and risks with VR. And while some video game genres are perfect for VR, some likely aren't. Like MMORPGs.


Now yes, some MMORPGs could indeed work with VR, but the majority kind of MMOs don't for two reasons. One, visually. No, we're not saying VR couldn't render the world of Azeroth or any other world. Rather, we're saying that the way we view the game can often determine whether it'd work in VR. Remember, VR puts you in a 1st person perspective. While this is great for shooters, exploration games, and even RPGs, with MMORPGs, there's a LOT more going on in-game.

From enemies, to other players and NPCs, there's so much to absorb that making a VR experience could limit the experience of the game. Think about it, when you do a raid, or a dungeon, or something that requires great numbers of people, what makes it work? The top down view! The ability to see what everyone is doing, and then adapt yourself to the situation. In a first-person experience, this wouldn't work.


Which brings us to the other big point about MMORPGs, they take a lot of time. And we're not just talking about doing dungeons and such. No, we're talking about the menial tasks you'd find in games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and so on. There's a lot of stuff you need to do that is often very time consuming, and very repetitive and boring. While it's hard to deny that initially it'd be cool to do these things, they'd get old really quick.

Finally, there is danger in playing VR for a long time, and if you're asked to do a full range of motions to do things in-game, you're a danger to yourself and to the area you're in at the time you play because your eyes are fixed on the screen inside the headset.

Look, we're not saying it couldn't work, it could! But...there's a lot of questions about whether it would work well. And that makes us wary, and I personally wouldn't want to be a test subject to see if it does work.

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