How to Survive in the World of Age of Wushu 2?

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Just as in real life, the world of Age of Wushu 2 consists of wild nature and the human society. Whether you choose to live solitarily in the mountain or jump into Jianghu, life is not easy.


To create a mountain kingdom of your own, you can avoid oppression in Jianghu, but you have to face ferocious wild beasts. Food will be no problem of course, as mountains are full of fruits or other edible things. However, in Jianghu, you have to face more. There're NPCs which will refuse to talk to you. There're chiefs who will blackmail you for money. You can do nothing but meekly submit to the blackmail until you become a chief and then you can start blackmailing others.


In Age of Wushu 2, players can make weapons by themselves or loot NPCs or other players. If you are defeated in a battle, your clothes might be taken as loots, and some of your martial arts might also be disabled.

There're various NPCs and factions in Age of Wushu 2. Players can join factions and become the leader through elections if the original leader dies in battles.


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