VR and MMORPGs: Can it ever work?

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By wubDate: Jan 30 2017 Views:


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Many people have dreamed about a Virtual Reality MMORPG, as it's definitely one of the most desired combinations in the gaming industry, but, can it ever work?


Making an MMORPG specifically made to be played on a VR device would be quite a hard task. Just think about how much money and effort you would need to put into a game to make it VR compatible AND good at the same time. We still don't know how the gameplay would look like in a game like this, let alone how to implement it.


Sure, you could say that you just need to take an existing MMORPG and make it have support for VR devices, but that won't work as you intend it to, since those games weren't meant for VR in the first place, so problems will appear sooner or later. In theory making a VR MMORPG wouldn't be too hard, you just need to adjust the world, the combat, the everything else so it can be compatible with, let' say, an Oculus Rift. That doesn't sound complicated at all, does it? But, take into consideration how huge and complex MMORPGs are at their core, and then you will understand just how hard a task it would be to make a Virtual Reality MMORPG.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but it would be difficult to accomplish, but we all hope that someone tackles this tough job and makes a truly impressive VR MMORPG one day, preferably sooner rather than later.

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