Learn the Background Story of Akuta in Revelation Online

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Akuta is the one with short black hair, warm smiles and an exuberant disposition. You might have seen him many times in Revelation Online. When he arrives, there's always fantastic music.



Akuta is 18 years old and raised by his brothers. He is an excellent marksman, and one of the best Gunslingers alive. His supernatural talent and innate abilities make him a quick learner. Akuta get excited easily and he is quick to fight. When fired up, he’s full of energy and courage. In the face of demons, he does not cower in fear. The more he fights, the braver he is.



Akuta is an orphan who knows nothing of his past. Since his childhood, Akuta has been raised by his brothers. Because he doesn’t have a family, Akuta treasures the time he spends with his friends. Aside from continuing his quest of Demon Banishment, he also travels across Nuanor seeking ways to become stronger.

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