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Justice is the upcoming 3D wuxia MMORPG based on the popular Chinese novel Treacherous Waters, the game has been in development for 4 years and will enter beta phase in July. The story started with Qi Shaoshang's exile, different heroes provided their support against government and evil spirits, as well as the Four Agents. Today let's meet the 7 main characters in this game.

Gu Xizhao & Qi Shaoshang --- 顾惜朝&戚少商

Gu Xizhao was named after his mother, his father was said to be a saint, so he was monked by others when he was young. He worked hard and became the number three in national civil examinations, however, his honor was taken because of his poor family. So he wandered around the city, and wrote a novel waiting to be understood by the wise.

Qi Shaoshang was smart and talented when he was young, and became the leader of Lian Yun Village and known as "Saint Dragon". He led and protected the people of his village for several years, and fight for the country.

Xi Honglei -- 息红泪

Xi Honglei is one of the female rulers in ancient Chinese Wuxia world, she is not only beautiful but also loyal to her kingdom and friends. She denies to be the victim behind the heroes, instead, she became an outstanding female in the Jianghu.

Wu Qing (Heartless​) -- 『无情—盛崖余』

Wu Qing is the leader of 'The Four Agents', he lost his legs when he was a kid, but his Qinggong skill (flying in the air) is great. He easily defeated the Top 8 Masters with a plum flowser, he got his nickname as Heartless​.

Tie Shou (Iron Hand): Tie Youxia -- 铁手: 铁游夏

Tie Shou(Iron Hand): Tie Youxia is the second famous agent in this Jianghu, he is both powerful and gentle, and known for his Iron Hand for saving people.

Zhui Ming (Fate Tracer) -- 『追命—崔略商』

Zhui Ming is the third of 'The Four Agents', he was born with internal injury. He is fond of drinking and good at tracing. In order to win the best wine in the world, he had traced the theives for 12 days until they died. However, he didn't drink the wine, he sold it and gave the money to the poor.

Leng Xie (Cold Blood): Leng Lingqi -- 『冷血—冷凌弃』

Leng Xie is the Forth of 'The Four Agents', he was said to be raised up by wolves so he is tough and strong. So he is known as 'Cold Blood'.

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