Guild Wars 2 Player Creates Massive Season One Movie

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Many Guild Wars 2 players missed out on Season One of the Living World Story. Back in Season One, content happened not in instances or the story journal like season 2 and 3, but rather with time limited events. While ArenaNet has included a short video within the story journal to attempt to explain Season One to players, it misses out on so much detail and information that is needed to truly understand where Guild Wars 2’s story is today.

Fortunately, Dreamy Abaddon has created a movie (of over two hours!) to showcase exactly what happened in living season 1.

ArenaNet has reacted extremely favorably to the compiled movie, with PeterFries stating:

“Ha, what a blast from the past! Note the poor, captive minstrel Marcello DiGiacomo and (then) Hobo-Tron being captured and forced to play Scarlet's theme over and over again in Scarlet's Playhouse (~1:01:06):

Marcello DiGiacomo: The Minstrel's Guild will hear about this!

Hobo-Tron: It—is—the—minstrel—you—want. I—am—strategically—unimportant.

Marcello DiGiacomo: Have mercy. Kill that awful golem first.

Hobo-Tron: Psst. I—think—that—minstrel—was—aiding—the—sylvari—supervillain.

Hobo-Tron: I—would—be—better—utilized—as—a—hench-golem.

Hobo-Tron: I—miss—Southsun—Cove.

Marcello DiGiacomo: This is the second-worst gig of my life.”

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