Revelation - New Equipment in CBT3

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With the CBT3 of Revelation starting on January 19th, new challenges await you and your friends all the way up to level 49 and beyond! Whether you fight against the ancient guardians of Nuanor or against your fellow players, the rewards are glorious. Talismans and badges are waiting to be claimed by the best contenders!

Revelation CBT3

Talisman System

Talismans are a great way to improve your character and a new dedicated equipment slot is reserved for each of you who manages to reach level 60 and complete the Tower of Pain hard mode. Within the Tower of Pain, you will find the ingredients for your first talisman: the Dolor Leaf.

You will need the assistance of a special NPC, Fo Foxbush. You can find him right outside the entrance to the Tower of Pain.

Revelation CBT3

Talismans can be upgraded in four different ways:

- Shaping: Dolor leaf is used to shape the talisman. You can get the wilted dolor leaf from the tower of pain Hard difficulty mode only (3 entries per week).

- Imbuing: Imbuing requires the use of Moonlight Crystals. These special crystals will feed experience into the talisman. Moonlight Crystals can also only be obtained from Hard Mode of Tower of Pain. To imbue your talisman, press N and look for Talisman Imbuing (hammer icon). There are 3 versions of Moonlight ingredients: Moonlight Fragment, Moonlight Crystal, and Moonlight Gem. You need to feed these crystals into the talisman, so it can level up and be transmuted. Once the existing talisman reaches the max level, it can be transmuted.

- Transmuting: You can transfer the imbuing level of one talisman to another talisman through transmuting.

- Augmentation: Upon unlocking specific requirements, talismans can be augmented, which will unlock new stats and power. A non-augmented stat is in grey. Usually reaching a higher level talisman (through imbuing) will unlock the stat. Augmented stats can be enhanced using Moonlight Crystals to reach their maximum potential.

Revelation CBT3

Badge System:

The purpose of the badge system is to increase your 5 basic stats: Intellect, Spirit, Dexterity, Physique and Strength. The badges can be obtained through PvP and PvE dungeons.

Level 1 badges can be obtained through the Level 1 Badge Chest. Higher level badges can be obtained by combining the lower level ones. You can buy the badge directly from the Order of Guardian Store (for Demonslayer Points) and the Military Store (for PvP Points) or buy the badge fragments.

Badges can be salvaged into fragments. These fragments need to be crafted into badges. Look for the NPC Jela Jora (1574, 1580, 183) to help craft these.

If you accidentally craft the wrong badge, you can salvage these badges into fragments without any loss and recraft the badge you wish.

Badges can also be augmented by attaching runes into them. Runes can also be salvaged into rune fragments. And rune fragments can be combined back into runes.

Revelation CBT3

Hope this news will help you to get your own talisman and badges!

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