New Survival Sandbox Game New Dawn Starts Its Campaign

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Facing invading pirates, it might be your darkest days surviving and dealing with those ferocious invaders. To protect yourself, you need to gather resources and forge weapons, build villages and fight off pirates, the New Dawn is waiting ahead for you!


New Dawn is a pirate-themed survival sandbox game, which features a late 1800 open-world island of Southern America. You are playing a native facing brutal pirates occupying your home and you are going to survive from their frequent attacks and then fight back.


The gameplay and mechanics are similar to many other survival games: Surviving hunger, thirst, adverse climate and wildlife. The game normally follows the Pirates V.S. Indians stories, while pirates are non playable NPC controlled by advanced AI for now. What is special for New Dawn is the Sleeper System. A "sleeper" is a player that has left the server. Their body becomes a physical, defenseless entity which is not within the players control. A sleeper can very easily be killed by other players. It creates a cruel world where you have to keep alerted while sleeping.


New Dawn has launched its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of €70,000 to accomplish in 32 days. You can read more details here and watch the video below:

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