Revelation Online CBT 3 PvE Preview

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On January 19th Revelation Online will set off on its 3rd CBT voyage and in the following two weeks you will have plenty of new contents to play.


The first new contents are three glorious PvE dungeons like three giants standing in solemn silence under the sky: Grand Bulwark, Mech Citadel / Machinarium and Tower of Pain. Level of entry has been raised to 50 and capped at 65, new modes and new storylines are waiting you to enjoy. Also along the long road of leveling-up, Misty Hollow, Trial of Four Kings and Scour Dungeon - Oneiric Trials have added new challenges to boost you up in Revelation Online.


  • Grand Bulwark: Continue the adventure where you left off in the Deserted Shrine and try to overcome 4 new bosses of Grand Bulwark! Will you be brave enough to get through the highest level?
  • Mech Citadel / Machinarium: What happens when machines try to take over the world? Well, be sure to find out at Mech Citadel! Machines have gone wild and now it is up to you to protect Nuanor and get some loot at the same time!
  • Tower of Pain: Are you and your friends up for this deadly 5 man party challenge, go ahead and test your skills in this race against time where you'll have to complete 7 floors of bosses. Failure to complete all the floors within 30 minutes will result in failure.


  • Misty Hollow: Misty Hollow now offers a 10 man raid difficulty mode which is available at level 60. Veteran adventurers who have survived the level 45 version of this dungeon will find this new difficulty mode to be far more enjoyable!
  • Trial of Four Kings: This single player trial now offers you a harder challenge at level 65. Compete with other players to appear on the ranking board and obtain limited time cosmetic accessories!
  • Scour Dungeon - Oneiric Trials: Think you're strong enough to face the ferocious creatures in the 2 brand new floors of Oneiric Trials! Doing the Oneiric Trials will help you level up faster!


Here comes the new map Faerie Funland which prepares crazy daily mini-games to get insane rewards. Go and release your childish nature here! There are also many mysteries waiting you to unfold, read the details here!

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