DarkEden is Back With 2D DarkEden: Origin

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At a time of the trend heading towards 3D gaming, DarkEden : Origin is preparing to come out with the 2D MMORPG tag.


Following the 3D MMORPG DarkEden2, DarkEden: Origin will make its debut later this year. The game takes place 200 years after the original game and is said to have reconstructed its core gameplay while "greatly improving user convenience."

Although the DarkEden series stay unfamiliar to western gaming market, they have quite a reputation in Korea. The developer thinks that 2D game is still taking a half share of the market and there are too many 3D games flooding the gaming industry, so it is their chance to seize the chance with DarkEden: Origin.


The pre-registration has been launched and the following “regular service” will come up on January 16th. The game follows the trail of DarkEden series and will be a typical 2D Action MMORGP. You are expecting a Diablo II style gameplay, however the game will focus more on PvP content. You can have a quick look at it with the trailer below:

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