Shadowverse Added Rise of Bahamut

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Cygames' hit collectible card game Shadowverse has just released Rise of Bahamut, a 105-card expansion that adds even more in-depth strategic options, along with the new Enhance ability!


The new cards are ranged from Gold to Legendary and extend the diversity of gameplay. The new expansion is named after Bahamut, who appears as a devastatingly powerful Legendary card- ready to unleash its power on your foes! As for the rest cards please click here to read them in details.


The next evolution in the CCG genre, Shadowverse features seven fully-voiced interweaving campaign stories, and now has more than 600 cards that you can use to craft devastating decks, along with the ability to unlock the full potential of any card by "evolving"them mid-battle for a truly gripping strategy experience. The game is currently available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, on Google Play for Android devices and on PC via Steam.

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