What Do You Know about the Trading System in Revelation Online?

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Revelation Online has entered Second Closed Beta since December 20th. For players who recently start out in this game, the official team has posted an article about different types of its in-game currencies.

There're mainly four types of currencies in Revelation Online: Gyth Notes, Gythil, Aurum and Ausgyth Points.


Active players will accumulate Gyth Notes quite fast by completing quests. Once obtained, Gyth Notes can be used for purchasing various items from NPCs, and also such operations as repairing equipment and using portals. However, Gyth Notes cannot be transferred to other players or purchased in the shop.

Gythil is used for trading on the in-game auction and at stalls. It can be earned in the game by completing quests, just as Gyth Notes. Gythil can also be used for contributions to the Guild Treasury.


Aurum is a currency that can be purchased for real money. It can be used both for purchases at the store and at the auction. Aurum can be gifted and also exchanged for Gythil at a floating in-game rate.

Finally, as for Ausgyth Points, these belong to a rare type of in-game currencies. They can be obtained in the game by upgrading your standing with the Order of Guardians, by participating in various difficult events, or by opening a chest from the store. But, the Points cannot be transferred, purchased, or exchanged.

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