Zul'Jin is Here: First Troll Hero in Heroes of the Storm

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While many of you are wondering where has Zul’Jin been after the new expansion of World of Warcraft arrives, he shows up in the field of Heroes of the Storm. Maybe he is practicing his way of leading the Horde and saving Azeroth in Nexus.


Wait a minute, is that a Troll version of Rexxar? As the first Troll in Nexus, Zul’Jin is practicing himself in the expertise of Assassin. But the dual axes and his axe-throwing abilities make him only one bear away from Rexxar. The Berserker enhances Zul’Jin’s damage greatly in a way of sacrificing his health, the less health he has the faster his axes will fall upon you. After he takes the kill with low health, he can cast Regeneration in safe house and start next hunt. When in danger he can learn the Taz’dingo to become unkillable for 4 seconds and flee to lick the wound.



Considering his survival abilities, Zul’Jin might be perfect for a jungle hunter leaving a solo lane for one more allied hero. You can regard him as the one feeding on blood, low health bestows him the eager to drill faster on you. If you encounter him in his low health, make sure to finish him with on chance to cast Taz’dingo, or you will be taken down by this witchery.



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