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Have you ever played a game just to relax and rest your mind? If you have, then Heaven Forest VR MMO is another title that does just that.


Now, for those of you that aren't familiar with those kinds of games, let me explain what they are exactly. Most of them are games where you can roam a certain environment and just stare at beautifully made scenarios and impressive landscapes. Heaven Forest is just that, a game where you fly around mountains and green lands and just enjoy the view.


This really feels like a “Get in touch with nature“ simulator as you drift among the woods calmly while enjoying the vibrant colors of your surroundings and the playful animals that life in the forest (Foxes, Squirrels, and Deer). You can collect various things like Mushrooms and Apples if you really want to do something in the game.
 But, I think Heaven Forest is in its best form when you go and just admire the peaceful environments in the game, it really calms your soul in a strange way. I loved playing Heaven Forest while I was frustrated or angry, as it all slowly goes away as you stare into a Deer while it's slowly walking through the forest.


Player interaction could be improved a lot, and some more animals could be added ( as well as some new areas, the current ones can get a bit tedious after a while), but overall Heaven Forest is a very relaxing game that will definitely be worth your while if you just want a game to calm and relax you.

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