Heroes of the Storm : Firelord Ragnaros Is Burning the Air in Nexus

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Ragnaros, an elemental as old as the world of Azeroth, has been called to many realms and he is famous for the 40-players-dungeon Molten Core in World of Warcraft. He is now one of the heroes in Nexus and he is ready to burn his enemies into ashes in Heroes of the Storm.


All Ragnaros’s abilities are related to fire and its hero trait is Molten Core that upgrades all the abilities. For activating this trait Ragnaros needs to claim on an allied or destroyed Fort or Keep to unleash full power. When you replace the Fort or Keep temporarily, Ragnaros will gain new Abilities and have 4156 Health that burns away over 18 seconds. When the Health is fully depleted, Ragnaros will return to the original form. All other abilities are damage skills with splendid special effects, among which Empower Sulfuras gains 20% Health from the next basic attack (area damage) and helps to strengthen Ragnaros’s survivability.





One more amazing thing you need to know about is the Lil’ Ragnaros skin that turns him into a cute mini Ragnaros, you shouldn’t miss it. Here is the gameplay video from LeyzarGamingViews for a look:

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