Winged Ones - Brave and Majestic Race in Revelation

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Winged Ones are a race of brave and majestic inhabitants of the mainland. These beautiful creatures were granted their wings by the resplendent goddess Akari herself. They are brave and fair, and they prize valour and justice above everything else. The Winged Ones however are not without their faults: they are arrogant and consider other races as lesser beings. Along with this arrogance, these creatures have a fiery temperament and can always find a reason to duel (be it a reasonable or an artificial one). Guests of their camp should be especially careful with what they say!


Skilled Marksmen

Winged People are filled all over the mainland and you will encounter your first one in Sulan. The Winged Ones are skilled marksmen, taught to shoot a bow in their childhood. They stand guard for justice in the world of Revelation, their deadly weapons ready in their hands.


A deadly conflict

Still, the excessive haughtiness of these people earned them much ill will. For many a year, the inhabitants of the Bear Mountain have been fighting a bloody war with the Winged Ones. Day after day, the opposing sides clash at Snowpine Crag. The adventurers whose paths take them to those parts may join any of the sides and participate in the battle. Besides, they must defeat monsters and complete various quests to win. The best fighters will be handsomely rewarded for their feats.

You need to help the Winged Ones cleanse their lands of wild beasts, if you want to win favour of these mighty people. As a token of their gratitude, they may grant you the right to bear a beautiful hunting bow - a true pride of this soaring race. Additional rewards may comprise of elegant accessories and useful consumables such as feathers and bonus XP stones.

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