Meet World Bosses in Revelation Online

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There are 6 world bosses available in Revelation Online. Players can find their spawn areas on the map. Spawn times can vary. Sometimes, one hour. Sometimes, a bit longer. Every week, guilds will fight each other for the right to come up against the world boss. Only the bravest warriors will be able to fight against the world boss.


Players can earn up to 11471 achievement points in Revelation Online right now. Achievements cover all areas of the game, starting with PvE and PvP right through to storyline quests, life skills and exploring different locations. The game also has plenty of hidden deeds, the terms of which you cannot look up in advance in the guide.


Revelation Online has an achievement comparison function now. Right click on another character to select this option in the shortcut menu and see which player is more advanced in this field.

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