VR Experience: F2P Fast Combat Game Tiger Knight On the Ride!

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Tiger Knight is a f2p action game with historical background set in ancient Chinese Three Kingdoms periods (the Han Empire), the Roman Empire, the Kushan Empire and the Parthian Empire. It receives positive feedback since its greenlit status and its gameplay is similar to Dynasty Warriors, what makes Tiger Knight outstanding is its VR gameplay.

Currently version of Tiger Knight on Steam doesn’t support VR experience, but we can have a look from a recent interview by 17173. In the video the tester was sitting on a riding machine control with both hands as if he was holding an arch and arrow. The full VR gameplay even realizes a realistic riding experience by providing vibrations synced from the horse in game. You can slash in all direction with a blade or stab fast with a halberd. You can even create a motion with the joysticks in hands, but please don’t try to make a back flip on horse back.


The team is working on more details to push the VR release, as well as grinding multiple modes. In the war scene mode you can play as an officer under the command of a famous general and your missions are something like protecting the general, stopping the breakthrough of enemies, taking the enemy cities, which is muck alike the Battlefield 1 multiplayer mode. Also as a key element, the riding combat is fierce with 5 minutes to go and the riding machine is the other must-have device for full gameplay. Instead of selling the machine, the developer tends to open a local offline game room with these machines so that players won’t have to buy all the devices for full experience and they can promote other games offline.


By the way, if you never ride a horse you need to be careful playing on the riding machine, because it is synced with a running war horse on different terrains and at the same time you may want to make some extraordinary movements, just don’t fall off the machine while enjoying it!

Source: 17173

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