A Quick Look at Factions and Demonslayer in Revelation Online

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Unlike most games, Revelation Online has a special approach to the storyline. It takes players throughout the mainland, and players can develop characters by completing a chain of quests without having to destroy hundreds of monsters.


Apart from storyline quests, there are other types of quests which have color designations:

Yellow - Main storyline quests.
Violet - Training quests. 
Orange - Extra quests outside the storyline. It enables players to obtain items that help develop the character, such as new fury skills, experience stones.
Blue - Orders from faction representatives. Players can earn relevant reputation points for performing Blue.
Green - Daily and Weekly repeatable quests.

As for factions in Revelation Online, currently there're twenty and each has its own history. These factions will suggest quests to heroes, and their favor will increase when heroes implement them.


When heroes reach level 30, they can cooperate with Demonslayer Society. Demonslayer Society tries to protect the mainland, but this is not a easy task, because there are more and more monsters all over the continent. The Society will offer worthy rewards to heroes willing to help them make the world better and safer. So players can perform daily and weekly quests, receive rewards, earn Society favor and boost rank within it. Society intendants will help players obtain materials to create excellent high-level equipment and other useful items.


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