Revelation Online's New Trailer for Its Guild System

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Guilds are a crucial part of MMO. And Revelation Online has its guild system, too. As it announces on the official site, Revelation Online’s guild system is distinct and it offers various activities.

When players reach Level 30, they can visit the guild creation NPC and submit the guild application. Of course, ingame currency is needed for guild creation. After the player has created a Guild, he/she has to find 10 guild members within 72 hours or the newly created guild will be disbanded again and the player's investment will be lost.


In Revelation Online's guild system, guild members can also recruit NPCs to help them build the guild. To recruit NPCs, players can talk to them in the pub, treat them to dinner or a glass of wine. Different NPCs have different characteristics. Some of them are good for wood-work while others are good for mining. It’s the player's choice to invite the right person that can contribute to the guild interests based on their characteristics.


Guild members and leaders can also enjoy guild events in Revelation Online, such as running around the guild island, a hide-and-seek mini game, or even fighting mighty guild bosses together. All these are great ways to give guild members and leaders some joy, friendship, and valuable rewards.

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