Twilight Spirits CBT 2 Brings New Class Gunslinger and New Features

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The second CBT for Twilight Spirits has proceeded for some days, the new class Gunslinger and new features released are amazing, let’s check a gameplay video of the new class from MMOJACKX57 first:

Graphics are excellent and actions are smooth, the AIs are awkward in tutorial but they are difficult to deal with in real gameplay. The amazing way of evade needs the application of left click of mouse and a direction button, it is easier to prevent damages than the two-button set.


Besides Gunslinger, the team has activated many more contents including numerous plots and anime footage, which will connect the characters all together with an enriched storyline. Also new customized systems are added, you can now select costumes for each character and dye them with whichever color you like; you can try you best to accomplish some “Mission Impossible” in the Title System such as die 2500 times to win a “Embrace the Dying You” or have over 10000 gold in your bag to win a “WTF Is Money?”. More importantly as an online action game, Twilight Spirits this time has prepared pretty many PvP contents with multiple modes from 3v3, NvN to Guild v Guild. Let’s enjoy some latest screenshots together and wait for their plan for the west!






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