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NAME Cagnazzo
AGE 42
RACE Karith
OCCUPATION Synd Bulldozer
QUOTE "I cannot be contained."


This young gladiator from Karis was imprisoned after he fought against Atlas and the Synd to protect his people. Cagnazzo was shown off as a prize by a strand of the Synd that called themselves the Collectors and sought to possess impressive living specimens as trophies. These specimens were made to fight against each other in an arena while under the effects of rage-inducing stimulants. Due to his undefeated record, Cagnazzo had been exposed to these stimulants for decades, causing him to slip into a frenetic mental state whenever he is faced with battle.

In one of the first bombardments the Dredgion initiated upon its arrival to Earth, the Collectors compound was heavily damaged. Cagnazzo was thrown into a rage at the sight of the destruction taking place around him. He was able to snap the chain restraints attached to the massive weights that bound his wrists. Grabbing the remaining links of chain fastened to one of the weights, Cagnazzo fought his way to freedom, only to be recovered by a Dredgion refugee recovery crew once his rage had ended. The chain and weight that bound Cagnazzo is now his signature weapon, and he fights with the Dredgion to end the reign of the Synd.





A combination of chain, hook, and weighted steel that was once used to bind Cagnazzo. It is swung in a spiral attack, striking all who dare to venture too close.



WEAPON DAMAGE: Increases Cagnazzo’s weapon damage.


ATTACK SPEED: Increases Cagnazzo’s attack speed.


SLOWDOWN: Decreases the amount Cagnazzo is slowed by his attacks.



RIPLINE: Cagnazzo hurls his hook in a line, damaging struck enemies and dragging them back to Cagnazzo. [Enraged] Increases damage and range by 30%.


SAVAGE LEAP: Cagnazzo leaps to the target area, damaging and stunning all enemies he lands on. The damage and stun duration is increased closer to the center of the area. [Enraged] Deals 30% additional damage and removes the distance-based stun and damage reductions.


TERRORIZE: Unleashes a battle roar that terrifies enemies within 10m, causing them to flee. [Enraged] Deals 30% additional damage and causes terrified targets to take increased damage.


CRUSHING SWING: Brings down Karith’s Fist in a heaving overhead swing, smashing enemies into the ground. [Enraged] Deals 30% additional damage and depletes target’s stamina.


BARBARIC FRENZY: Unleashes Cagnazzo’s boiling rage, granting crowd control immunity, increased weapon and skill damage, and heightened defenses. Cagnazzo also swings Karith’s Fist in a wider ark, increasing the area of his weapon attack.


FEVER PITCH: Gains RP when taking or dealing damage. All Cagnazzo’s skills activate empowered effects by consuming a full RP bar on use.


CHARGE: Charge forward 6.7m while ignoring crowd control effects.



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