Loading Human: Chapter 1 – First Impressions

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By daniel_csakiDate: Oct 20 2016 Views:


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Some games really have great concepts and gripping story, but they get held back by their gameplay mechanics and other similar problems.


Loading Human: Chapter 1 is a prime example of that, as it really had stunning graphics and an interesting story, but the seated play and the movement system were just awful, so you really have to appreciate other elements if you're going to enjoy it.


The movement system is really lackluster, as VR games usually offer you freedom of movement to truly enhance the experience as much as possible, but Loading Human: Chapter 1 is using a locomotion system that doesn't really work well, as it's supposed to prevent motion sickness, which is why your movement is limited, but you still get motion sick, for example when you slide across the ground your stomach will definitely rebel, which makes the system obsolete.

Add a really shoddy object interaction system and you will understand why the game has such horrible reviews on Steam. But it's not all bad actually, as I found some enjoyment in the game.


Loading Human: Chapter 1 had a really gripping story that had me playing nonstop to see how it unfolds, and the voice acting helped since it's quality is superb in every sense. Considering how many VR games don't focus on the story that much, Loading Human: Chapter 1 decides to bring a deep, intriguing storyline that kept me playing the game until I finished it.

With all of that said, Loading Human: Chapter 1 has it's bad and good sides, so players who like a good story definitely want to check this out, but players who want a fast, action-packed VR experience can surely skip this one.

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