Onward: A VR Tactical Shooter Experience

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By daniel_csakiDate: Oct 17 2016 Views:


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The best thing about Virtual Reality games is how the provide immense immersion with their games. This is especially true for shooters, as you'll really feel like a soldier with a rifle in his hands, looking to pierce his opponent with a hot lead before the same happens to him.


Onward gave me that, and it was a realistic experience. As soon as you get a hang of the controls and the movement system, get into multiplayer games with other people. It's like the first days of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but in Virtual Reality. I got into a game with some really energetic people( I thought they were drunk or something) and after some really funny rounds where those guys literally ran around and shot at each other, even though they were on the same team, we agreed to only use knives this time around.


This was the first time I experienced such thrill when playing a multiplayer shooter. The guy which were fooling around just a few moments ago turned into stealth killing machines, killing my team swiftly and without remorse. We tried to group, sticking as close to each other as possible, but one of them always charged at us from a random direction, and why we focused our attention on him, the rest of his team tore us apart from every side.

I can't even begin to describe how fun the game is, especially when you play online with random people who do random stuff.


Onward nails down shooting and moving perfectly, making it an excellent military simulator, especially considering how the community feels friendly, making the multiplayer aspect of the game really fun.

Onward is definitely a must-buy if you're into VR games, and even though it has a couple of rough edges in the form of bugs, it's without a doubt an experience that you don't want to miss!

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