A Look at Lost Ark's Tripod System

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The Tripod System of Lost Ark Online plays a big role in the action combat because players can specialize their character to how they like. In fact, the Tripod System is a skill modification system that enables most of the active skills can be customized to have different elemental effects, tiers and deep skill trees.


As you level up, you'll get skill points which you can allocate to your skill. When your skill level reaches lvl.4, 7, 10, your skill tier will upgrade to Tier 1, 2, 3 respectively. When your skill tier is upgraded, you get to choose an additional effect for your skill. The three choices you make for a skill is what we call the Tripod System. Learn more about how to start using tripod system at here.

The Tripod System can be used strategically for hunting, fighting dungeon boss or raid, playing PvP and more. You can change the Tripod System to make certain contents of the game more efficient for your character.

For hunting (aka grinding)

In the field where there are a lot of generic mobs, making your skills faster and more powerful can bring up your hunting (cough grinding) efficiency to its full potential.
Recommended: damage boost, cooltime reduction, mana consumption rate deduction


For Dungeon Boss or Raid

It’s recommended to set your tripod around HP management, so that you can stabilize the balance between your defense and offence.
Recommended: defense increase, special effect which only works on the monsters immune to crowd control, movement speed increase


For PvP

For the PvP, you have to be agile and be immune to the crowd control, but it mostly depends on what class you'll be playing as.
Recommended: crowd control, attack speed increase, movement speed increase, skill range increase, super-armour (crowd control immunity) etc.
Try as many as combinations as possible to suite the battle.


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