Oculus Cuts the Price of a VR-ready PC by Half

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VR experience is superb but the price of enjoying a fluent VR gameplay is scary. Despite the expensive headsets, a large sum of money would have to fill the big hole of a VR-ready PC.


But now Oculus had managed to offer a VR-ready PC at half of the previous entry level price with its wireless Santa Cruz prototype. A standalone VR headset with "inside-out" positional tracking, Santa Cruz allowed users to briefly explore a virtual environment with no wires dragging on the back of the hardware - an inescapable, immersion breaking flaw in the current iterations of Rift, Vive and PSVR.

The previous devices require high-end hardware to support the comfortable VR gameplay. Oculus knows the barrier clearly and has worked hard to lower the cap. "Timewarp" and "Spacewarp" - which are part of the Oculus firmware - are two separate systems that contribute to the same goal: making software running at 45 frames per second feel like it's running at 90 frames per second, the threshold for avoiding feelings of nausea. Effectively, they work together to create synthetic frames, improving the performance of all PC hardware, and lowering the requirements at the bottom end.


Based on the price listed on the Oculus VR website, a Rift and a VR-ready PC could now cost $1100. With the Touch controllers at $200, and a third sensor to allow room-scale experiences at $79, the full Oculus Rift experience can be bought for less than $1400. It is still a great amount, but with technological development we are expecting VR devices to be as common as PC some day.

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