Get a Spa Treatment and Gain XP in Revelation's Hot Springs Inn

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The Hot Springs Inn in Revelation Online is a place for players to relax and upgrade easily where you can get a massive amount of XP and chat with each other. What exactly can you do when entering the Hot Springs Inn?

Gain Experience

There are vendors outside and inside of the Hot Springs Inn selling food and drink, which give a temporary experience-over-time and social-over-time buff. And for those that are mentoring/being mentored, is the ‘Mind and Body’ skill, located in the N menu, which increases experience gained by mentors/mentees if they both AFK at the same time.

Level up the Weapons and Armor

Use the downtime to clean up your warehouse and inventory, or recast a weapon and armor prefixes (Prefixes determine aspects of the weapon). There’s also the option to level your weapons and armor, as well as break down older gear into mats at the Unpacking NPC.


Players can go fishing around the pond in the back corner of the Hot Springs Inn. A vendor is placed conveniently nearby to sell bait and tackle. Unique to the Hot Springs is the chance to reel in a treasure chest, which contains vouchers for fishing proficiency and cloud coupons.

Tricks of the Inn Keeper - Civets

The native inhabitants in the Hot Springs Inn are very interesting and mischievous. They like transforming themselves into various forms and playing tricks on the Humans. And they've even gone so far to steal Human clothes to embarrass unsuspecting guests.


Enjoy the Beautiful and Unique Scenery

At the Hot Springs Inn, the rich and peaceful music gives a feeling of serenity. The dense mist hangs over the pools to create an unbelievably relaxing atmosphere. The waterfalls help shape players like stones while also cleansing them of all their worldly filth. Fresh autumn leaves fall on the hot springs and create blooming ripples. Like a fine wine, the red creates a warming feeling.


Source: Revelation Fansite, official Revelation forum

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