Taichi Panda Adds New Pet, Battle Mode and More in Savage Update

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Mobile dungeon crawler action RPG Taichi Panda from Snail Games has received its latest update today - the Savage Update. This major content update includes a new team instance, a new cross-server battle mode, and more, further expanding the game's core hack'n slash action and online multiplayer features.

Stylish Double-Seat Mount and New Pet

The new Savage Update will include a number of new features, as well as bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics, including:

· New Pet - Verney

Taichi Panda Savage Update

· Two new Pet Enhancements - Master Mao and Earth Guardian

· New Team Instance - Land of Hermit

Taichi Panda Savage Update

· New cross-server Battle Mode added - Edge of Survival

Taichi Panda Savage Update

· A new Talisman - Red Dragon Baby

· New double-seat Mount added - Steam Motorcycle

Taichi Panda Savage Update

· New demigod added to raise - Qilin

· Wing transformation function and wing inset with runes unlocked

· Adjustment to damage on Battle Royale Boss

· New Instance Mode added - Nightmare Jungle (Hard)

Taichi Panda Savage Update

· Botting punishment added to team instance

· Backpack space increased

· Quality 34 Rune and quality 36 Rune added and Quality 34 Rune Upgrade unlocked

· Friendship store opened with gifts for returning players

To learn more about the Savage Update and it’s many new features, please visit the official website.

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