Immersive Jurassic VR Taking Rabbit Mountain to New Heights

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The ultimate Dino experience became a virtual reality with Jurassic VR. Worry no more about having to dig your way into the earth for mere fossils to connect yourself with the former rulers of our planet. Take yourself on a journey to come face to face with the majestic creatures that roamed some 65 million years ago.


Surpassing 3 million downloads since appearing on iOS' App Store and Google Play, Jurassic VR app acts as your very own time machine to bring you a visual showcase to educate players on the history of the dinosaurs. The island itself features Jurassic shores and dense jungle areas, allowing you to view the creatures in their own habitat. Scale the plains and mountain ranges to find your favourite dino, with everything from the tiny dilophosaurus to the towering T-Rex.

So, you don't need to worry about having an archaelogy degree to indulge in the world of Jurassic VR, with a reminiscent Jurassic Park style experience as close as reaching into your pocket.

The aunthetic VR game has since inspired Rabbit Mountain to take up new projects, the next of which is a highly immersive episodic thriller expected to release sometime betweeen now and the end of the year. Given that the VR game that set them on this path, Jurassic VR showed the strength of the developers to create further groundbreaking content. In the meantime whilst we wait for what is coming next, be sure to check out the immersive Jurassic VR. Just don't stand too close!

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