Mars Odyssey Takes You to the Surfaces of the Red Planet

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Indie developer Steel Wool Studios have launched a VR experience that takes you to Earth's sister planet on the HTC Vive. Tasked with traversing the surface of the red planet from an orbiting space station, your task is to make repairs on equipment using a teleportation system with room scale tracking. You'll be repairing Rovers such as the Viking,


Opportunity, Pathfinder and Spirit, as the developers even made sure to place in based on accurate locations of where they are today in real life.
Although stepping onto the surface on Mars to work on NASA equipment like Landers and Rovers might seem like an educational one, it is more designed to give you a short experience that doesn't strictly force you to learn everything there is to know about Mars. Head to the next planet over from the comfort of your living room!


This will be Steel Wool's first VR release since HTC's investment in the studio back in August. HTC put around $5 million into Steel Wool, who also developed Vive game Quar: Battle for Gate 18 earlier this year.
Clocking in at around 20 minutes or so, Mars Odyssey the only VR experience available on the market right now, until we see more from Mars 2030.

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