Dark and Light Launched Official Site and Unveiled Feature Detials

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Right on September 7th, Snail Games launched official site for its massive sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light along with the pre-order event. Since acquring the rights to the game back in 2008, there has much hype over the announced features, including 40,000 square kilometers of land, the ability to build houses, villages, kingdoms, become a hunter, a fighter, a treasure hunter, and more. Dark and Light now is much more focused on the Sandbox elements than MMORPG genre of original Dark and Light version in 2004. What's more, with the advanced Unreal Engine 4, Dark and Light improves the graphic throughly and will show you a immersive open world beyond your wildest imagination.


Check out the latest details that you could except in the new Dark and Light as follows.


Reality + Fantasy, a more immersive game world

As you know, Dark and Light has a grand game world with 40,000 square kilometers of land including volcanoes, snowy mountains, swamps, plains, forests and a large amount of unknown islands like floating island and Magical mountain, waiting for you to explore. And there are more than 50 types of creatures from air, land and sea. What's more, except from day and night cycle, a weather simulator is added into the game. Players now can experience all kinds of weather including frost, rain, snow and even solar eclipse.


Combat and Pet

There are more than ten types of skills and weapon for you to choose from. What' more, you can use all kinds of basic actions like dodge and roll in the combat which gives you a maximum of authentic combat experience.


Besides, the pet system will be available. Players can expect to tame and ride dragons.


No storyline and quest

Dark and Light abandons the traditional MMORPG storyline, quest and raids to emphasis its free gameplay. Players can choose your birthplace, your profession and Skills you want to learn. Being a great warrior means you need to defend your territory from the attack of dark. Craftsman to build your own house and adventurer to explore the world.


Base Building and Management

There are 3 main cities that take different side in the game. At the very beginning, players need to take full advantage of the all kinds of resources you can get to build your city. When you are powerful enough to take charge of the main city, you can enact new decrees, expand your territory and build your own empire! At that time, you can ally yourself with other empires to gain advantage in the competitive game world.


For more information about Black and Light, please stay tuned with us!

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