Fantasy MMORPG Revelation Features Overview

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Revelation Online has a ton of features to ensure your interest playing, offering not only a vast open world to explore but countless other activities for players to engage in. Entering the vast lands of Nuanor, players will discover a breathtaking adventure flying/soaring through the air at any time, diving into the waters or climbing to top of the world free. Unique dungeons offer different combat experience with multiple difficulty levels.


What’s more, the dynamic combat system delivers a fun PvP experience for casual and hardcore players with small, medium and large scale arenas. Small scale options such as duel and arena type modes as well as large scale variants with cross server battles, castle sieges and Open World PvP are pretty interesting.

Gameplay Video

This is a gameplay video and review by Cryyfuu, check it out:


There are 6 classes of Revelation CN have been revealed so far, and five of them are introduced in the English version. Players can pick their own play style by distributing points to their character attributes, such as strength and dexterity past level 40. All classes have diverse skill sets, with over 20 unique skills, which can be further upgraded past level 49 to match the chosen play style. Players are in full control over their class progression.


Guild System

The player cap for guilds is 150 players in CN version of Revelation Online, and My.com is looking into increasing that for the regions. The game promotes PvP and gives you a ton of reasons to join a guild. If you're a more solo player don't worry, there is still a place for you in RO. If you don't like PvP at all RO is filled with tons of PvE and life skills.

Players can expect alliances for a maximum of 3 guilds, which is also a number that may change in the future. Alliances are important for sieges of castles that will be available. Cross-server massive guild battles will be also available.

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Crafting Gear, Wings, Mounts & Life Skills

Players are able to craft gear, wings, even mounts in Revelation Online. Wings play a huge role in Revelation Online because half the time you spend in game you'll be flying so why not look badass while doing it? I believe different wings have different amounts of stamina allowing you to fly faster for a longer period.

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Marriage System

Revelation Online provides a marriage system. There are 9 levels of “closeness” (no official term) between characters, and each level unlocks certain perks. The marriage system will be available to two players who have their level of “closeness” at 3 and above. The marriage between male and female gendered characters is allowed, but there are restrictions for the marriage between female/female and male/male genders due to several factors, one of which is the law.


Housing System

After reaching level 40, players can buy their own private property to decorate, invite friends to and gain daily experience for their characters. The apartments can be fully decorated with over 160 different types of furniture. And some of this furniture can be crafted through the profession systems in the game and some will even be rewarded for completing quests. Players don’t have to enjoy all of this on their own, they can give the key to five of their friends and they can port to the apartment from any location in Nuanor.



Hot Springs and EXP

You can gain EXP while AFK or when you just want to take a break from questing. The hot springs become available at level 25 and allow you to drink potions that give you exp for 15-30 minutes. The amount of exp you get over time depends on the pot you consume. You can consume 5 pots a day and there are various ways to get them.

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Colorful Life

Players can enjoy gaming life in Revelation Online with a lot of things to do, drinking tea, making wine, tailoring, lumbering, cooking and more.


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