Audio Solutions Developer Waves Audio Releases Demo for its First VR Game

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Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of audio solution just released a demo of its first ever VR game, Racket: Nx with real-time 3D spatial audio. The demo of Racket: Nx is available starting today as a free download for HTC Vive users on Steam and on Viveport exclusively in China.


Racket: Nx is a game of skill focusing on your spatial awareness, motor control and reflexes. Inspired by Squash, you are given a racket and ball… Unlike Squash, you are thrown into a glass dome in space with dynamic patterns of targets on its walls, and pitted against time.

In order for VR to be truly immersive, Waves Audio believes it needs convincing sound to match. That’s why Waves Audio developed Racket: Nx to showcase how realistic game play can be when Waves Nx 3D Audio Technology is implemented in a VR setting. Unlike other VR games, Racket: Nx includes Waves’ audio technology which creates a realistic sense of auditory presence, completing the VR illusion. Players feel like the ball is right next to them in the dome as they can hear it whooshing past their faces and hitting the dome’s walls. The sound is so realistic that players often duck instinctively to avoid getting hit by the ball.


Waves Audio developed Racket: Nx with game design studio One Hamsa, and created it from the ground up for Vive, the virtual reality system from HTC. Vive's combination of room-scale movement and motion-tracked controllers paired with Waves Nx 3D Audio Technology creates a previously unimaginable virtual reality experience for players.

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