Gaming Genres That Might Not Work With VR

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With the VR technology advancing at a rapid rate, and various VR headsets becoming available to us, there are a lot of game types out there that are adapting to it.


But, some gaming genres might not work with the VR, and they probably shouldn't even be forced to do so. Action RPGs with the isometric view, for example, wouldn't be good at all. So games like Diablo III and Path of Exile, don't benefit from the VR headsets obviously. I don't know what kind of combination you would have to use to move your character, cast spells and collect loot with a VR headset, but overall it would probably take away from the experience rather than add to it. Such games often lead you into situations with tons of enemies that will kill you in a heartbeat if you're not careful enough, and the combination of mouse+keyboard and your own monitor help you react as fast as possible to avoid that.


One other genre that wouldn't benefit from VR would probably be the RTS one. Yes, strategy games don't really need VR to be appealing, as you are mostly building armies or cities at a rapid pace, yet again from bird’s view, so micromanaging is really important, and that's something that the VR can't reliably do.

With all the hype going on around VR, if you really examine the technology and its elements, it is not that hard to spot that in the end, VR has quite limited uses, and with all the health hazards and functional limitations, it is not exactly a multi-genre gaming platform.

MOBAs are also another example that might not benefit as much from VR, unless we are talking about the newly emerged third-person and first-person view shooter and MOBA fusions that could actually do well on VR devices.


Personally, I am not exactly a devoted fan of VR, as I’d hate to see myself blinded in my own room, but luckily, you don’t really miss out on that much if you avoid playing certain genres on it. Of course, some games, like Batman: Arkham VR seem top-notch, and I will probably have to force myself to neglect the negative aspects of VR and assume the role of Bruce Wayne in a virtual reality context.


Do you guys have any gaming genres in mind that you can’t imagine playing through a VR device? Tell us below.

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