Batman: Arkham VR in a Nutshell

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This past June at E3, we got to see Batman: Arkham VR presented, an upcoming Batman game that utilizes the PlayStation VR headset.

Batman: Arkham VR

The fans at Comic-Con actually had the opportunity to try out the game and see how it plays. In the trailer, you can see these people and their reactions, and it's what you would expect. They just loved it. But to be honest, who wouldn't? This is the closest we can currently get to being Batman, and that is an experience that you wouldn't want to miss. The trailer itself didn't who much footage, so don't expect too much info on the game from that.

So, throwing batarangs and smashing criminals is what you would expect from a Batman game, and doing it in VR sounds even more amazing, right? From the trailer, you can see that this will be a truly amazing experience, as players can finally become Batman and most likely end up with some sore eyes from the endless hours of flashing effects right in your face.

If anything, I wish they would put the Batmobile in it and allow you to drive it. Putting aside his gadgets, his specially made ride is one of the things the VR could make amazing and unforgettable.

Batman: Arkham VR

In a nutshell, Batman: Arkham VR will probably be an enjoyable ride, but let's wait for more footage of the actual game before making any solid claims. The game is now set to arrive in October, this year, which means fans of Batman and VR in general will get to smash their room into pieces fairly soon.

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