Twin Saga Founders' Beta: Gameplay Preview

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Imaginative new MMORPG Twin Saga’s Founders' Beta started on August 9th, 2016 for players in North America and Europe. It’s time to take a look at Twin Saga’s cute features before its closed beta starts, including the multi-class system, the Terracottage housing system, and lore out the wazoo. Check out the video here on the classes, some earlier PvE and PvP content.

We learn that Twin Saga offers a deeply customizable and varied gameplay experience for both veteran and newcomer MMO players! It allows players to change classes and skills at will and form strategic combos. The most remarkable feature is the Terracottage, a type of mobile housing that contains everything you’d want in a home, such as crafting stations, a holographic trophy room, and a greenhouse for harvesting food. You can also use the Terracottage to move swiftly around the game world or just hang out with your friends in its spacious main hall, which you can decorate freely.

Only player who bought the founder pack are able to play Twin Saga at present. Fans of Twin Saga can purchase a Founder’s Pack to join the Founders' Beta. The game looks not bad at all. If you are wondering whether to play this anime-themed MMORPG, just wait for closed beta release afterwards. See more screenshots below.







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