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Fans of TCGs must be happy about the recent appearance of plenty of new games in the genre. But beyond that, something even cooler has just happened. Ascension VR has recently launched and it combines TGC mechanics with VR!


Ascension VR is the very first deckbuilding Virtual Reality experience. It brings the tabletop world into the digital world by connecting every player from all over the world into one virtual space so that they can face off against one another.
Ascension VR uses fully animated 3D avatars, and even has social elements like spatial voice chat, avatar lip-syncing and the avatar animations are going to be triggered by real-time player movement! Players can battle each other no matter what platform they are using, mobile or PC. You can also use various VR headsets, including the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.


So is the game any good? Well, yes and no. There are currently two problems that are bothering this game. Firstly, the game lacks online players. Now, this is something that may change as time goes on and more people purchase it, but currently it's really hard to find a match. Secondly, the game lacks cards. There are only 52 cards at the moment and none of the expansion packs have been added, which means that the meta will get dull rather quickly. As soon as more cards arrive, I'm betting that the game will get more players. Even with its limited content, the game is pretty solid, so if you're a fan of card games and virtual reality, I would advise you to pick this up on Steam.

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