Get Ready for the Olympics with League of Angels

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The Rio Summer Olympics is about to begin! In celebration of this great occasion, League of Angels has prepared a ton of new content for players, including new items, clothing, mysterious Olympic chests, and so much more! Join LoA this August to celebrate the Olympics and reap the benefits!

League of Angels

New Olympic Clothing

The modern Olympics first started in Athens, is now continuing in Rio, and has finally come to League of Angels! The latest clothing to hit LoA is a mixture of ancient Greek and Roman styles, in honor of the ancient Greek Olympics that inspired our modern day Olympic Games! Get into the Olympic spirit with a brand new outfit! And it’s not just all looks, the Olympic Clothing will greatly enhance your power and push you to that gold medal finish!

League of Angels

New Olympics-themed Components

Do you want to build your own Olympic venue? Do you want to experience the Olympics like never before? Among all the heroes, who do you think is appropriate to be a goalkeeper? Who is better at shooting? With the various Olympics-themed components that we have prepared for you, design and create a truly unique Olympics experience for your own!

League of Angels

In addition to the above activities, LoA has prepared another series of Olympic events that will begin next week. There will be mysterious Olympic Chests to be found, so stay tuned!

League of Angels

Come on and have a great time during this special celebration and experience all the new LoA content to their heart’s content! Cheer for your favorite Olympians, cheer for your country, and enjoy the Summer Games!