Poharan is Coming from BNS to MXM

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Poharan is one the latest two masters from Blade & Soul to fight in Master X Master. Bringing in her Rattlecaster, all the other masters will face the wildness hidden under her lovely appearance.

Her weapon Rattlecaster will stay at full power when the target is at least 5m away and damage is reduced by 30% when the target gets closer. Her passive skill Ammo Pack can provide steady and circled ammo for damage, it can be optimized by reasonable arrangement of skills.


It is unbelievable that she can make these agile attacks with such a heavy gun and hit them so hard. GATLING JUMP and SHOOT EM UP are two splendid output skills with massive damage, while SUPPRESSING FIRE slows the enemies with an cone-ranged AoE, at last she will chain the enemies up with the piercing bullets by BRATATATATAT.


The core of Pharan gameplay is keeping the enemies ranged at 5m or more. Whenever they get closer, you can just SHOOT EM UP and throw the BLITZ GRENADE under their feet. Whether it is an escape or a chasing hunt, GATLING JUMP and BUNNY HOP can let you make instant move that breaks enemies’ plans.


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